Julie & Julia

This weekend was my final graduation celebration. The first was with Connor and his mom, the second was with Connor at my favorite restaurant, Filomena, in Georgetown, and the last was with my family + Connor’s family. It was absolutely perfect. We were at the restaurant for 4 hours enjoying good food, and each others company. It was as if no one else was in the room besides the people who mean the most to me in the world. We truly saved the best celebration for last.

I am so thankful the night turned out great, as I have been battling vertigo pretty silently. I haven’t told many people because it’s scary when you don’t know why your body is reacting a certain way. It started about a month ago during finals. I used to think that there was something physically wrong with me to cause the entire room to spin, but as I have paid attention to my body over the past month, I now believe it correlates directly with my anxiety.

I have a lot going on that I have never done before. I have never started a business. I have never started a blog (to be honest, before my extensive research, I had never even read one). I have never dove into social media like my life depended on it (I am still trying to get used to really putting my life out there to connect with my followers). And most importantly, I have never truly enjoyed cooking until now. I was always a baker. Cooking takes time. You don’t just mix ingredients together and stick it in the oven. You have to stand there, stir your dish, add ingredients in at different times, know which ingredients go well with others, know what a recipe is missing, and know how to make flavors pop. It is frustrating. Why can’t you ever taste the amount of garlic a recipe actually calls for!?

What I am trying to remind myself, daily, is that I have the schooling and the knowledge I need to help individuals better their life. But, just because I know what portion sizes to put on a plate, and what ingredients benefit us vs which don’t, doesn’t mean I am going to turn into a fabulous cook with the best food photography skills overnight. It was not until I put on the movie Julie & Julia this morning that I realized everything will turn out perfectly fine, and that it takes time, effort, and consistency to get to where I want to be.

If you are a new blogger like me, a new cook like me, or someone who is just trying to find extra motivation to get through the beginning phases of something new (which is always the hardest part), I 100% recommend watching Julie & Julia. It shows you that the greatest of cooks, the greatest of writers, the greatest of actors, were once where you are. Everyone has to start somewhere, everyone battles doubts in their head, and everyone goes through struggles along the way. The most important thing to remind yourself is to enjoy the journey, because when you are successful, you will look back on the days you first started and think of them like they were the best of your life. Discover yourself. Be patient with yourself. And, always be yourself.

To celebrate today’s epiphany, I am off to sear up my salmon from last weeks meal prep, put it on top of a beautiful homemade salad, drench it in Connor’s homemade blue cheese dressing, and know that where I am is good enough.

Happy Monday, everyone. Have a beautiful Thanksgiving week!

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